Sunday, March 07, 2021

Short Film: Choice Cuts

A short that comes in under 5-minutes, this was directed by Keith Jefferies and Jeff Meyers and is slightly spoiled just by being featured on TMtV.

So, it starts with a kitchen (in a hotel or restaurant) and a sink. Carl (Jonathan Leigh West) is working when his phone vibrates. His brother, Zeke (Josh West), has sent him pictures of a young woman (Kristin Condon) who is tied and gagged.

Phoning him, Carl is worried about evidence but Zeke is not moved, suggesting that the pictures can just be deleted. Turning his attention to the girl, he terrorises her with a knife before admitting that he won’t hurt her until Carl gets there. All well and good but, of course, he only thinks he is the hunter and she the hunted. She is suddenly unbound, on him with fangs showing…

hunted becomes hunter

Now, of course, the film will go on to show us what happens when Carl gets home but it also has a denouement beyond that, despite the short length and which is nicely done.

The imdb page is here.

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