Thursday, February 04, 2021

Short Film: Things we Dig

Viewed at the 2020 IVFAF. This is a short, listed as 2019 on IMDb but copyright listed as 2020 on the film, that is just under 19 minutes and was directed by Pia Thrasher. The director is on record as saying the film was inspired by What we do in the Shadows and whilst it shows (a filming crew present and a bunch of vampires living together) it has its own conceits and builds into an amusing little film.

The film crew consisting of a cameraman/director, sound engineer Deanna (Stephanie Scurry) and production assistant Scott (Patrick Russell Burton) have been contracted to make a commercial for the darkweb and have been offered safety so long as they do not disclose the location of the house. The vampires have their own victim clean-up business – – and the video is to support the enterprise.

the crew

Having ensured that they have crosses and have poured holy water on themselves they knock and the door opens a crack, there is a hiss and it slams. However it then opens and they are met by Lucretia (Jennifer Larson) or Lucy. In the hallway she introduces herself and Helgi (Cat Forrest) who notes their crosses. Lucy explains that Helgi was born in the Viking era and was a pagan, therefore Christian trappings do not affect her.

the vampires

Next they meet Kuni von Stechen (Pia Thrasher) who is still in her body bag. Kuni’s hair is long and Helgi has to cut it every night for her (with it growing back during the day). The crew are also warned about drawing attention to her mouth as she is very self-conscious about the fact that one fang is noticeably longer than the other. Finally they meet Bryn (Morgan Marlow) a child vampire and daughter of Helgi (though she turned Helgi into a vampire) who hunts child molesters through the internet. She is nicknamed the Hacker – and it isn’t for her e-skills.


So, as things progress, we discover a bit more about the vampires (through interview moments), see a (failed) full moon magic ritual – the vampires mention that they are susceptible to moonburn. We also get a visit from the overly amorous vampire Mona (Deepti Kingra), who is looking to get her latest victim disposed of. The questions are, of course, will the crew make it out intact and will the advert get made?

This was fun. It wasn’t as funny as WWDITS (film or series) but it was genuinely amusing, it had a charm, it had interesting characters and was worth watching. The imdb page is here.

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