Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Short Film: Another Nail in the Coffin

Viewed at the 2020 IVFAF, this Australian short comes in at 12 and a half minutes and was directed by Nadia Russell, and I was really rather taken with it, if I’m honest.

So an intertitle tells us that our vampire in this, Brad (Matthew James French), has been searching for 100 years for ‘the one’ and, at last he thinks he has found her… her being Megan (Georgia Mckevitt).

It starts with the sound of sex… Megan demands to be bitten and Brad admits he can’t. She gets upset and suggests its because she’s a vegan. He denies this and admits that he is a vampire, the time hadn’t been right to tell her before. She is dismissive of this. To prove it he gets a bag of blood out of a bedside fridge and drinks it. She calls him a monster (later it is made clear that this is not because he is a vampire but because he deigned to consume his foodstuff in front of a vegan) and leaves him.

Brad is despondent. He goes to a bookstore and finds a book on vampires to find ways of killing himself. In there, drinking from a boy, is another vampire, Ingrid (Vanesa Everett). She becomes a witness to his suicide attempts by sunlight and crosses (his attempt by immersing himself in a bathtub full of silver cutlery is solo) and then, after managing to get himself beaten by a priest, openly accompanies him when he tries to die through fire and garlic. Asking people to stake him fails too. But there is a method in her madness and perhaps she can pull him back from the brink…

This was witty and fun, Brad was a bit of a wet lettuce – though amusingly so – but Ingrid was all sorts of cool. Worth tracking down.

The imdb page is here.

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