Monday, December 14, 2020

Short Film: Murphy’s Chupacabra Hole

A short film directed by Nathan Tarantla and released in 2018, this goes to show that sometimes simple works really rather well.

I rather like a bit of old-time radio and this, despite a modicum of animation, relies on a narrated story-telling that is reminiscent of such radio shows. We see from a point of view perspective the opening of a hole (Murphy’s Chupacabra Hole, indeed) and we see Chupacabra in silhouette and their glowing eyes… the rest is carried by the narration delivered by Nathan Tarantla (I assume).

down in a hole

It starts in the hole, looking at the stars; the narrator had been chasing one of those things across Murphy’s field when he had fallen into the hole. The hole has been dug by Murphy and baited, and the narrator has injured his knee. He tries to stand, to get back to his home as he fears for those there. He blacks out and, when he comes around he sees something, surely stars glowing…

The eyes have it

Of course, it is not. It is a chupacabra. His gun is covered in mud – he’s not sure whether there is mud in the barrel and there seems to be more and more of the things. Their eyes glow when together and they seem to have some sort of group power. Perhaps his gun will work but better to try and keep them there than let them get to his loved ones…

This is an effective little story. At the time of writing I cannot find an imdb page.

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