Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Short Film: Dracula’s Daughter (2020)

Coming in at 5 minutes this short, directed by Tony Laudati, is a reimagining of the famous scene in Dracula’s Daughter where Countess Zaleska (Ausma Fiame) has Lili (Juliet Picard) pose for her, as a life model.

The location has slipped to LA from London and the characters are notably different with Zaleska showing a hint of world weariness but also enjoying her undead life one feels (where the original Zaleska was a reluctant slave to vampirism and sought to be done with her undead status). Lili in this is nervous, certainly, but doesn’t carry the wide-eyed innocence that Nan Grey brought to the original.

Zaleska and Lili

Not that either performance in this is bad, just different. The set is sumptuous (a paint supply box with the name Alucard engraved was a nice touch – though the use of Alucard would be in the subsequent Son of Dracula rather than Dracula’s Daughter). The film also borrows “I do not drink… wine”. However, it is just a reimagining of a scene from another movie, perhaps useful for a show reel but without much in the way of point. It is spoiled at the end with obviously cgi blood where a practical effect should have been used.

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