Monday, October 19, 2020

Short Film: It’s Normal

This 2018 short film from director Nicole W. Solomon is about 16-minutes and is very clever in one specific way, which ties to the title, that I really enjoyed.

We start off with scenes from the city and posters of missing people. Kay (Latresa Baker) has visited Lucy (Tara Cioletti) after she failed to answer calls and texts. Kay and Lucy are both part of a grief support group, which runs a buddy system and Kay knows it is a particularly tough time for Lucy.

Lucy suggests she is just really tired and is struggling with going to the group, she does let Kay in however. Inside she meets Lucy’s flatmate Reina (Rory Lipede), who has had a person go missing in her life also – her brother. The three women talk and, eventually Kay says she should go. It’ll be dark soon and travelling after dark is not advised. Reina suggests that she stay, they were having a group round from the building that evening anyway.

Kay and Lucy

What we notice is that there are circles at doorways and people touch them – this isn’t explained. We also notice that, as the wine flows and conversations evolve, they openly talk about vampires, about a Familiar group (and call them collaborators) and there is talk of the President being sympathetic to the vampires. This is the clever bit… they are in a vampire apocalypse but it is normal, life has carried on. One character suggests they were expecting something more akin to the Walking Dead but instead normality is strangely maintained.

a vampire

Outside there are screams, there is something outside the window at one point. But so long as the window is closed they are safe… So, no surprise that there is an incursion and what we find out about the vampires is that their eyes glow, that (I assume) silver burns and that beheading or staking kills and they then dust. Just how the vampire gets in and what then occurs… well you can see the film on Vimeo or Amazon (links below).

The imdb page is here.

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