Sunday, August 30, 2020

Short Film: Undercover Vampire Policeman

This was a 2016 short film by Juan Luis Martínez and comes in at 9-minutes.

It opens with a bloodied hand against a fence as we are given a list of vampire lore that simply isn’t true – garlic, silver, sunlight… all the way to stakes in the heart, we are told to forget them all. Vampires are amongst us and they drink blood rather than coke.

As all this goes on, we see the man (Oscar Ricq de Haro) pick a policeman’s hat up and get his shadow silhouette… He is Undercover Vampire Policeman and he is… the brainchild of Thèo (Lucas Chavaree), the subject of an underground comic series. His friend Ava (Nesta Gassama) is encouraging him to continue writing the series.

bloodied hand

Unfortunately, they are not the cool kids in school. Rather, they are epitomised by Colt (Gonzalo Muratel), the jock, and Jacqueline (Madeleine Rotha Legoe), the cheerleader. Jacqueline expresses the philosophy of ‘being cruel is cool’. As they leave the halls Ava notices that they have thrown Thèo‘s belongings out of his locker. After he gets homes he decides on revenge – we do get a montage including the solving of a Rubik’s cube and Ava playing Tetris – perhaps meant to represent plans coming together, of course puzzles and vampires have a connection. The revenge – to put glitter in Colt’s gear.

Unfortunately, their tormentors seem to know about this but could an artistic creation become real? The answer is embedded below and the imdb page is here.

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