Sunday, December 15, 2019

Themed Week

I have previously looked at the three films by auteur director Chris Alexander in his Irina trilogy; Blood for Irina, Queen of Blood and Blood Dynasty. His films have been likened to Jean Rollin and Jess Franco – certainly I have seen aspects of both in the films, but they are not for everyone and are absolutely aimed at arthouse.

Marmite as they are, there is something in Alexander’s work, something that keeps me going back to them, and in many respects constantly harking back to the two directors mentioned above is understandable but perhaps unfair as mostly they are Chris Alexander films. As a director he has his own thematic direction, his own mediation and vision.

Next week on TMtV I am having a week looking at three other pieces by Alexander, starting tomorrow with a new film created for Full Moon Features and ending with an exclusive for TMtV.

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