Thursday, December 27, 2018

Short Film: Midnight Thirst

This was a 2016 film directed by Deanna Meske, which came in around the twelve-minute mark. I came across it because its sequel was on demand at Amazon and found this on YouTube.

Starting in a house, a six-years-old girl called Rachel (Kaitlyn Covey) awakens to a noise. She calls out for her daddy but the figure that enters the room is a vampire (Dan Paz) and she screams.

Her mother, Jocelin (Deanna Meske), is driving home having picked up an anniversary present for her husband. On the radio a newscaster (Wade O'Harra) talks about police hunting down the vampire menace, about the penalties for harbouring a vampire and about keeping doors locked at night. She turns into the driveway and, when she gets into the house, finds a Dear John letter from her husband mentioning that she can keep custody of Rachel.

Running to the girl she finds her with marks on her neck and fangs in her mouth. It becomes quickly clear that Rachel is going to need blood and – as a good mother – Jocelin will provide for her. She does cut her own arm but she needs a more sustainable source and, of course, a babysitter… It just so happens that Kiona (Avery Gonzales) rings about the advert Jocelin has posted.

What will happen – you’ll have to watch the short to find out. The imdb page is here.

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