Sunday, April 29, 2018

Honourable mention: Dracula Reborn No. 1

The Blurb: The first comic book in the series Dracula; the Unearthed Chronicles. Count Dracula is restored to life in the present day and begins his long centuries revenge on Van Helsing and his followers. Caught in the crossfire are Miriam and Jessica, sisters and the great, great, great granddaughters of Jonathon and Mina Harker. A great evil descends on the United Kingdom as Dracula is finally reborn!

The Mention: Illustrated and written by Charles E Butler, I took the decision to make this an Honourable Mention for two reasons. Firstly Charles is a facebook friend and, whilst I always try to be objective in review and did review his four prose reference/review works, I thought that I’d stick to giving this the mention it deserves. Secondly because this is just the first edition of a comic book series and as such it deserves the space to have the story develop before critiquing.

That said there is a strong story here, taking a cue from Stoker’s novel and a revenge that can be spread over centuries. I am aware that the author is familiar with Whitby and therefore any artistic license taken with that setting is just that, which is all good. Art wise, I thought the black and white style chosen fitted the story well, giving a classic comic book feel that juxtaposed against the modernity very well.

I enjoyed this first outing and hope you do too.

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