Monday, March 19, 2018

Honourable mention: Deadtime Tales 2

Sometimes I despair at covering a given vehicle under the moniker ‘honourable mention’ as sometimes there is nothing honourable about it whatsoever.

Let’s take Deadtime Tales 2… to be honest let’s take the 2.5-hour anthology and bury it in a shallow grave. Rather than a collection of random but original shorts stitched together or a carefully crafted collection of interlocking short stories in visual form, this is four full length films cut down and bunged into one ungodly mess.

bite time
The vampire section comes first and it is nothing we haven’t seen before on TMtV, being the poor feature Cryptz, which was directed by Danny Draven and released in 2002. It was poor then. It wasn’t improved by editing it down to just 45 minutes. So, we are ‘treated’ again to the story of vampire strippers in the ‘hood. (Actually, whilst not brilliant, the full film had a degree of B movie credibility and a couple of neat ideas – cutting it down hasn’t helped the credibility any).

As things stand there isn’t an IMDb page that I can find for Deadtime Tales 2.

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