Monday, February 19, 2018

Short Film: Unbitten

This is a 19-minute film that was directed by Dan Magro and released in 2013 and the blurb states: “Three vegan vampires, one water nymph, two sorcerers, and one lease.” The two sorcerers, I assume being Allistair (Timothy Carmello) and Agatha (Margaret Marshall), answered the question as to why these two didn’t seem sun-impacted, when appearing to be just vampires. We need to note that this took the idea of the vegetarian vampire and stepped it up to vegan.

It begins with a narration by aspiring writer Cole (Dan Magro), this narration becomes the tale of an old lady looking for her cat, Mr Furryocious, who has ended up in the hands of Allistair. He and Agatha demand she tells them who owns the big house on the hill. She says no-one, it is abandoned and, in response, Allistair eats the cat and Agatha breaks the poor woman’s neck.

with the cat
Living in the house are three vampires Lucie: (Angie Schlauch), Callista (Alli Kelly) and Aubrianna (Christina Lanni). Lucie has created a plant based blood substitute and the girls are shipping this to vampires across the globe. There is movement outside the house and, avoiding the sunlight, Lucie grabs a sign that has been put on the door declaring the house condemned. This has been put on by Agatha (hence my comment about sunlight, as we see her and Allistair outside). The two sorcerer/vampires enter the house mocking the girls. Lucie confirms they have to stay there, a prime ingredient of the blood substitute has been cultivated there and might take years to successfully cultivate elsewhere. Callista has the idea of taking the issue to a supernatural tribunal.

water nymph
The tribunal do not rule in the girls’ favour but they do give them time to find the true owner of the house. This happens to be Cole, who lives just out of County. They go to him and, donning lingerie, Callista enters his room and offers him his wildest fantasies. He isn’t interested… he’s gay. It is then down to all three to convince him to help and, of course, they can provide him plenty of source material to help him with his aspiration to be a writer.

oompa Loompas?
The short was very well shot, though the makeup effects were quite stagey they played up to these and so when the girls try an experimental formula to protect them from sunlight the subsequent transformation into Oompa Loompas is a nice moment of comedy. There is a lot of background either put or insinuated neatly into the story and it is an amusing watch that could be expanded upon.

The imdb page is here.

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