Saturday, February 03, 2018

Short Film: For Her

For Her was a 19-minute short directed by Daniel Mark Young and released in 2017. It is one that does not advertise itself as a vampire film, indeed it is almost that the vampirism is a twist and so, for spoiling that, I can only apologise. Unfortunately, it must be spoiled to find its place on TMtV.

There are other story aspects that I will endeavour not to spoil, or at least allude to options and possibilities. Indeed it is these possibilities that are interesting.

back from the shops

The film is narrated by Jonathan (Derek Nelson) and when we meet him he is musing about love, whilst sitting in his car. He waxes lyrical about previous love that either died so imperceptibly he didn’t know or was wrenched away to heart breaking devastation. Then he met Elizabeth (Kattreya Scheurer-Smith) and he just knew. She knocks on the window, overburdened with shopping – if he hurries he might get the benefit of her purchases.

the purchase
As they drive his narration continues and does so through the film. They get home and he is left downstairs whilst she goes up to try on purchases and then calls him up to show off her new red lingerie and a night of fun. The next morning, however, it begins to appear that all is not so perfect in their relationship. She turns from him when he tries to kiss her in the morning, she sleeps the day away as he does the housework. In his narration he mentions her being selfish.

Derek Nelson as Jonathan
The next day, as he heads off to work, she looks out of the window but retreats (we know why, of course) and when he gets back suggests she is having a bad day. She ends up vomiting in the toilet – he holds her hair and then cleans up after her. He is in trouble with work for taking sick days to look after her and worries that she less loves him and more loves being with someone. Eventually he picks up his keys and heads out towards the pub – but has he had enough or is he up to something more nefarious?

This was neat. Jonathan’s voiceover really built character and story quickly and the mismatched relationship was fascinating to look in on. Was it the sort of relationship that could last and can Jonathan’s nerves stand the reality of living with a vampire? For those answers you’ll have to watch the short.

The imdb page is here.

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