Sunday, January 28, 2018

Short Film: For the Road

I’ve finally been able to see the short film directed by Simon Scott called For the Road, which is great as I backed the production of it as a kickstarter and its always nice to get to the finished product.

The story is based on the Stephen King short story One for the Road had previously been turned into a Bulgarian short film entitled Wrong Way and then as One for the Road.

Booth and Sam
After a top down shot of a stretch of road cutting through thick woods we find ourselves in Took’s Tavern. At the bar sits Alex Booth (Gwyn LaRee) with a short and a cigarette. Its clear the barkeeper knows her. A man, Sam (Jeffrey Arrington) comes in and orders coffee. This is a pitstop to help keep him awake as he goes to pick up a rig – he’s a long-distance trucker. The normal route is closed off and he has found a quicker route than the official diversion by nipping through the town. Alex realises that his route will take him through the Lot.

remembering Lumley
She tells him a potted history of Salem’s Lot, now a ghost town – though no ghosts live there, she says – but then, when he asks when she was last there, she tells him the story of her and the previous tavern owner, Herb Tooklander (Eric Newsome), and what happened when a city guy, Gerry Lunley (Patrick Green), stumbled into the bar. He had taken a route similar to Sam and hit something just outside of the Lot. He had turned left (into the Lot) and his car had packed up. He had left his wife (Amber Stonebraker) and son (Brady James) in the car and walked back for help. Unable to raise the sheriff or towtruck, Took and Alex decide to help him.

beware the Lot
Of course, there’ll be vampires involved, you already knew that. Also, if you’ve read the story you’ll know how the Lumley’s story will pan out but, of course, there is Sam’s story layered above that one. Professionally shot, not for profit, the filmmakers are looking to get the short on the festival circuit. You can go on over to their Facebook Page and show them some love. At the moment there is no IMDb page that I can find.

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