Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Short Film: Sirens

Another film I came across on Amazon Prime, this comes in at 13 minutes in length and (especially given the title) I am not overly sure that these are meant to be vampires but given fangs and a flesh-eating propensity I’m going with the flow.

The short was directed by Peter Papas and stars Bill Goutzinakis as a voyeur. When we meet him, he is going around taking surreptitious photos. Firstly of a couple, then of a woman jogger (mainly of her ass) and then he sneaks into the ladies after her (the camera does not follow but we assume he has taken an intrusive photo).

We then go to a mall and he follows a woman up an escalator holding his bag so that his video camera can capture her ass and perhaps even up-skirt footage. He goes to get his photos developed and then goes to his car. The escalator woman is in the car park and gives him a hard stare – though whether that impacts his fate is not revealed.

Three is a magic number
He drives to an alley and is going to pleasure himself watching the footage of the escalator woman. During the film there is a flash of imagery – three women's statues (as per the film poster). Three women appear in the alley. They walk past his car and he gets out, with camera, to follow them. However they appear to have gone into the back of a van and beckon him to go to them.

He does do and suddenly there are fangs and they start taking chunks out of him. They are flesh eaters as much as blood drinkers and the van is rocking away as they devour him, literally. Of course they might be actual sirens as opposed to vampires (they do lure him, although they do not have a sea connection that we are shown) but the fact that there are three of them is also reminiscent of Dracula’s brides and I think there is enough here just to mention the film to you.

At the time of writing I could not find an IMDb page.


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