Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Honourable Mention: Dracula on LongShorts

I was contacted by Ana from LongShorts which is a way of real-time drip-fed storytelling either through App (available from both the Apple App store and google Play) or via the medium of Twitter. In particular she let me know about their Dracula retelling through the medium.

meeting the Count
Dracula is released in tweets, pictures, emails etc and I was reminded of the book iDrakula, in concept with a couple of big differences. Firstly, where iDrakula used the concept of the tweets and emails in a novel, this is doing it exclusively through an electronic medium (there was an iDrakula app as well, though I never used it and it was only apple native I think) and it is retelling the Stoker story, rather than just using the character.

the study
Of course, being epistolary in nature the novel lends itself to this sort of treatment and I think that doing this may well bring a new audience to the book as well as being another way to experience the story for fans. I did ask Ana some questions about the concept and the app and the story are free to download/access, the twitter feed is not app dependent and, in a move that brings the penny dreadfuls of the nineteenth century to mind, the stories available will continue to be developed as long as they are popular.

The twitter feed for the story can be found here (remember the feed will run from bottom to top).

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