Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Vitaortus: Book One – review

Author: Dea Schofield

Release date: 2013

The Blurb: Devi is a specially gifted horticulturist whose quiet world is disturbed by mysterious beings attracted to her unique talents. They have big plans for Devi, and introduce her to a very special vine — the Vitaortus. Set against the sinister backdrop of Washington DC, and the world beyond, Vitaortus: Book One is the beginning of a tale that has a countdown to potential extinction! Only Devi can save Alec, her beguiling, self-proclaimed facilitator and protector. Unknown to Alec and his brethren, only his kind will be able to save their food source – human beings. But first, they have to save themselves – which could prove to be dangerous work for Devi and her special partner, The Vitaortus. She must help her new sanguinarian friends without becoming exsanguinated herself! If you don’t believe in Vampires, then you clearly haven’t been to Washington DC!

The review: Is hosted at Vamped.

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