Sunday, October 15, 2017

Space Boobs in Space – review

Director: Andrew N. Shearer

Release date: 2017

Contains spoilers

Given the title, one might be forgiven for wondering whether this offering falls into the (softcore) porn end of the vampire genre. This is a side of the genre I have deliberately left off TMtV although some of the more exploitative titles have rocked up to the borderline between titillation and pornography.

This film, however, does not. It might stray into something akin to burlesque at times (probably because a lot of the stars/writers are burlesque artists and form the Gonzoriffic Artists Collective) and more accurately it is a portmanteau film where the film’s title refers to the first short, claimed in the wraparound as a historical film of first contact. The wraparound is an alien TV broadcast and all the shorts are films by the human director (Andrew N. Shearer).

our protagonists
The segment that interests us is entitled Lapdance at the Gates of Hell. It starts with our two unnamed protagonists who are staring at a house. Apparently, someone inside is starring back – but that doesn’t make them vampires, it is argued. They “sneak” over to their car – which was taken from outside a club – but the keys (and a mobile phone) are not in there. They determine to go to the house.

The plan of action (ultimately flawed as they have no holy water) is to drink holy water and pee on the vampires! They gain entrance when the door is opened by a Renfield like character (Diego Wolf) and are sent to the basement to see the Mistress. There are four vampires down there but they’ll return the phone and keys (they stole the car to escape the rising sun) in return for one of their number getting a lapdance from one of the mortals (Coquette de Jour).

bitten by the vampire ass
Things get out of hand when she bites the lapdancer on the butt. The mortals flee but, in the car, the lapdancer is clearly ill. Suddenly we see her butt cheek has developed fangs, which have sprouted through the flesh, and it strikes into the neck of her friend. And that is all… but we have a vampire ass (and not a donkey) and that has to be a first in the genre (though we have seen vampire boobs before now).

So, was it good? No, of course not but it wasn’t intended to be and the cast are clearly (in the vampire short and the rest of the film) having a blast. It doesn’t make for great viewing necessarily but if you are after Z grade entertainment you might want to give this one a whirl. I am struggling to score it. The very title Space Boobs in Space should get a point just for being what it is. The vampire piece is unique, genuinely funny in places but ultimately Z grade stuff (as I mentioned). I’m wimping out, and not giving this a score – it is poor (in the genre scheme of things) but designed to be so – and in that the Gonzoriffic Artists Collective achieve what they set out to do.

The imdb page is here.

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