Saturday, October 07, 2017

Short Film: Plasma (2017)

Weighing in at just 5 minutes I caught this 2017, Vittoria Citerni di Siena directed film on Amazon Prime but have not been able to find out very much about it. Silent, it is indeed an oddity with a little twist in the tail.

It begins with a guy (Federico Caldarelli) waking to the alarm on his mobile. The phone has a woman on the screensaver but she isn’t in the bed by him. He gets up and we see a cup with what obviously has a residue of blood in it. He looks in the fridge but cannot find what he is looking for.

horse mask
Things take a more surreal turn has he takes a horse head mask from a cupboard and then we see him walking through the streets and into a metro system wearing said mask and novelty gloves. Things become clearer as we see him, still in mask and gloves, handing out leaflets. However, what will happen as night falls?

It’s an interesting little short, which manages within it short running time to raise a question regarding the anima and animus. The horse head brings the nightmare to mind, made famous in Fuseli’s painting peering from behind the curtain as the incubus sits upon the chest of its victim.

At the time of review I could find no IMDb page.

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