Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Short Film: Fiend Fatale

Fiend Fatale is a short film, coming in at around the 12-minute mark, directed by Steven Shea and released in 2013. However, I should tell you in advance that this is a proof of concept and therefore isn’t so much a story but more an introduction.

The concept as stands is laid out at the film’s homepage where it is suggested that it could lead to a feature film, a TV series, a graphic novel series and even a mobile game.

The film is narrated by Lorelei (Nicole Hampton). She and her sisters live in a secret CDC lab. She was cloned from DNA retrieved from a Fijian Mermaid and is, therefore, a mermaid; her room containing a tank and she sporting gills. As we begin it is feeding time and she introduces us to her sisters. Next up is Mia (Tara Dane) who was cloned from blood on a dagger said to have stabbed a demon, her dinner is a raw steak, which she cooks with the power of her mind.

Shelly the zombie
Next up is Alex (Lauren Kisner), literally the bitch of the group – as Lorelei puts it – she was cloned from blood on a silver bullet and is brought chicken. She transforms to wolf form to eat. Next is Anne (Ansley Gordon). Her food is provided by bringing in the body of a freshly deceased person and letting her drink the blood – giving us our first piece of vampire lore, the blood doesn’t have to be from the living. The body is then taken to Shelly (Amber Freeman), a zombie (but also likened to Frankenstein’s Monster) who eats the brains.

Anne the vampire
A terrorist attack on the building (carried out by someone who shoots at the girls when he sees them and therefore doesn’t know about them, despite 'inside job' being mentioned) allows the girls opportunity to get their freedom. We also discover that the trope about sunlight burning vampires holds true in this universe. And that’s about it – as a proof of concept a tight storyline is unnecessary – this is a showcase only. But you can find out below.

The imdb page is here.

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