Friday, July 07, 2017

The Very Beast of Transylvania Television – review

Directed by: Michael J. Heagle & Troy Antoine LaFaye (series)

First aired: 2007-2012 (series)

Contains spoilers

I stumbled over Transylvania Television on Tubi TV where they had 5 episodes from the four series and the Halloween Special (The Transylvania Television Real Meanin' of Halloween Special Show). From what I can gather that amounts to the contents of the Very Beast of Transylvania Television available from the show’s homepage.

Batfink and Furry
So what is it? A parody of all things B, would be the easiest description, I guess. The muppets for adults, perhaps. If I was wondering whether this was aimed at adults or kids things were soon settled in the opening scene of the first episode where regular characters Batfink (Laszlo Nemesi) and Furry J. Ackermonster (Gordon Smuder) are discussing alternatives to the word boobs and it’s all for a letter to Furry’s mom!

Micro-nuclear sparkles
Batfink is a rather rat looking bat and Furry is an orange yeti (he’s orange because he’s an albino) and they both work for Transylvania Television. There are several other recurring characters but, from our point of view, the important one is network owner Count Volodymir LeShoc (Charles Hubbell). Keen eyed viewers will spot that the fleece the puppet is made of does sparkle a tad. However full on sparkles were added for a segment and he explains that they are actually “millions of micro-nuclear explosions all over my body, its incredibly painful”. He hisses when he hears the name Bram Stoker.

Remarkably, and consistently, amusing, I can’t really go through the plot as there is pretty much not one. You can watch the "Beast of" on Tubi for free. 7 out of 10.

The imdb page is here.

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