Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Short Film: Uploading Victims

This film from 2014 was directed by Supisara Panichkasem is an experimental piece, mostly without dialogue, and to be fair is more style than substance.

The thin story sees people being attacked on the 23rd of each month, drained of blood. Their photos are uploaded onto the net. That is about it. The rest of the film sees young ladies walking round at night. At first we get one lady seduced and then attacked by a vampire. Later another, who the camera has particularly followed, is revealed to be a vampire also when she joins in the attack.

This does go to prove, however, that style is sometimes all you need. With a soundtrack that suits, it is a somewhat hypnotic piece and it subtly has a kick at the selfie generation – after all it appears that vampires love to take selfies too. The film was on YouTube and I have embedded the almost 15 minute piece below.

vampire selfie
However, when I went to get the embed code I noticed there was a further cut of the film, which has dropped to around 10 minutes. It was a tighter affair than the original and you can see that here.

At the time of publication there is no IMDb page.


Unknown said...

The director has done a few more: Dreams of Darkness, Punishment, and a few others in the same vein (pardon the pun)

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Hey Paul, thanks for that. I'll check them out