Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Short Film: Odd Creatures Among Us

This short, directed by Peter Hajmaji, was subject to a Kickstarter that I mentioned on this blog and backed myself. Getting to see the short was a perk of backing the film.

And so, the promised viewing has happened and it means I can tell you a little more about the film.

It is centred on a forest full of odd creatures. Mark (Istvan M Mihaly) has arranged to meet his older brother David (David Fecske) but still jumps as he approaches. Mark has notably pointed ears. Mark has something in a bag (we don’t get to see it until later in the short but it is a crystal ball) and David looks at the contents with horror. Cutting to a flashback it appears that Mark had snuck into the castle belonging to Count Arnold (Adam Gulyas) and stolen it.

bitten mannequin
The castle had some strange décor, including a display mannequin with cellophane wrapped around its head, fang marks and a trickle of blood. Mark left with the crystal ball and David is distraught. They are arguing when two cops arrest them – mainly for lighting a fire in the forest (David’s cigarette). However, night is closing in, it is a full moon and David, being elder, is want to change. Of course, they also have Count Arnold’s property and he’s sure to want it back…

Adam Gulyas as Count Arnold
The film is very much an introduction, a pointer to a larger project that could happen. The cinematography is lovely, the setting feeling both contemporary and yet carries a property of fairy tales and a slice of fantasy. I really would like to see where this could go.

At the time of writing I couldn’t find an IMDb page.

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