Monday, November 14, 2016

Short Film: Interview with a Greek Vampire

This short film, coming in at under 10 minutes, was directed by Maria Modopoulos and dates to 2013. What is most interesting about it is the fact that Marina (Katerina Tarrant) is not just any old vampire but is, in fact, a vrykolakas.

Set in interview style the film’s purpose is to expound some of the vrykolakas myth. Marina tells the interviewer (played by Josse Masters-Leniveau and voiced by Josh Kvasnak) that she became vrykolakas in 1649, after she took her own life. She explains that her sister became one first – having answered the door on the first knock – as did Vasily, her husband.

Katerina Tarrant as Marina
Indeed she lists several ways to become vrykolakas – all lifted from Greek folklore and, as she puts it, more interesting than the usual blood transaction. She also explains that she doesn’t need blood but she does crave it (and it helps her complexion) and that vrykolakas are not confined to the night, but must return to the grave on Saturdays and are not as pretty in the daylight. But who could be interviewing her and why?

At the time of writing I couldn’t find an IMDb page.

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