Friday, April 08, 2016

Kickstarter: Sherwood Horror

Another kickstarter for you all and I have been hearing things about this concept for a while, whether these guys were the ones behind the original idea of pitching Robin Hood against vampires I don’t know – but the twist to this concept is that its in a modern setting.

The synopsis is fairly simple: Sherwood Horror is about an ex-con (Rob Locksley) who joins forces with his old hunting buddies to wage war against the vampires who have taken over their town.

The filmmakers explain that: We’ve hijacked the characters from the Robin Hood lore and dropped them into the framework of a contemporary horror setting, creating a new twist on an old legend.

The tone of Sherwood Horror will be similar to films like Predator, Aliens, The Thing, The Terminator, Lost Boys, Mad Max…and for this project I’ve been Inspired by filmmakers like John Carpenter, John Milius, George Miller and James Cameron.

This one has an ambitious goal and 18 days to go but, as always, backing is at your own risk. The Kickstarter page is here and the Facebook page is here.

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