Wednesday, December 24, 2014

New Crowdsourcing Projects

I've just come across these two crowdsourcing projects, which I thought I'd share with you. The normal caveat applies; I share this for information only and you back them at your own risk.

They are two very different films, and I'm rather excited about the first one (to the point that I've backed it myself). Octavia: Elegy for a Vampire is a film proposed by Dennis Leroy Kangalee. I was taken in by the description on the film's homepage:

Part poem, rock opera, and “Brechtian” play — this will not be a traditional horror/vampire genre-film but a cubistic portrait of a woman trying to come to terms with the perennial problems of racism, misogyny, and the startling lack of empathy and awareness in the world.

The film's Kickstarter page can be found here and Facebook page can be found here.

The second film is Seize the Night and is a different beast altogether. Apparently inspired by such films/series as Blade, Underworld, Dracula 2001, True Blood and Razor Blade Smile, the story follows:

EVA, a renegade vampire assassin, on her action filled journey to the truth. The film opens shortly after she has escaped from a secret government compound, a centre for the most nefarious biological experiments. Following her escape Eva is confronted by her lifelong enemy and is forced into a situation of such gravity she may have to deal with the devil she knows best in order to fight a far greater evil.

 The film's Indiegogo page can be found here and the film’s Facebook page can be found here.

And that's all from me until after Christmas, have a great day tomorrow and I'll see you on the other side.

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