Monday, November 12, 2012

Tomb of Dracula – volume 3 – review

Writer: Marv Wolfman, Chris Claremont & David Anthony Kraft

Art: Gene Colan & Don Heck

This volume published: 2010

Contains spoilers

The blurb: Are there horrors even greater than Dracula?

Judge for yourself as the Lord of Darkness battles mad science and madder magic! His wars with Quincy Harker and Doctor Sun continue, but how can Dracula or Sun rule the world if the demon Y’Garon destroys it? Plus: more flashbacks from across Dracula’s life and death, including his first meeting with Blade’s vampire hunters! Also featuring the first appearance of Hannibal King, vampire detective!

The review: We previously looked at vol 1 of this series here and vol 2 here. This volume contains Tomb of Dracula #24-31 and Giant-Size Dracula #2-4.

It obviously follows on from the last two volumes but feels a little more splintered. The heroes are split up across the globe, all believing (bar Quincy Harker) that Dracula is dead and there was less of an overarching story – just hints towards the bigger picture. The first appearance of Hannibal King was interesting but he makes an appearance and then vanishes from the story.

That is not to say the volume was bad, just not as enthralling as vol 1 and 2. That said we did start to see a more human side to Dracula – not that it is too human and far from pleasant. There is a nice moment concerning religious icons. Dracula is warded by a Star of David and Dracula explains that “symbols of all Gods repulse me.” However it is not just the symbol (or the wielder’s faith) but also Dracula’s religious history that is important as “this star hasn’t nearly the power of the crucifix I once prayed to—still it’s very presence nauseates my unloving soul.

The volume does end on a tease with an indication of a much bigger story about to occur. The trouble is that this volume, like 1 & 2, was published by Marvel in 2010 and once wonders when volumes 4-6 will appear.

7 out of 10

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