Friday, August 10, 2012

Coming Up on TMtV

Recently an 8 film set was released called Extreme Vampires. Some of the content has been reviewed here at TMtV before and you can check out the reviews of the following films:

Night Crawlers
Renfield the Undead
Requiem for a Vampire (not the Rollin film)

Of the remaining 4 films you won’t be seeing a review, or any other article, concerning the film the Remake. A slasher film about the crew of the remake of a slasher film being slashed, it has no vampiric aspect at all and one wonders at the logic that made them add it to a set of vampire films.

That leaves three films – Always from Darkness, My Bloody Wedding and Livestock – that I’ll look at (Livestock as a ‘Vamp or Not?’) over the next week.


Jason T. Carter said...

"My Bloody Wedding" is fantastic!

JT, The Writer's Journey

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Hi Jason, the reviews are already written and I can tell you that I thought My Bloody Wedding was the best of the set ;)