Saturday, June 23, 2012

Music: Hank3

Last night we went to see Hank3 – Hank Williams III for the uninitiated – and watched an eclectic, enjoyable and long gig. Hank did a full country set, some psychobilly (or hellbilly, and the disappointing part of the gig was that he only did three tracks in this segment), doom metal and 3 bar ranch (speed metal guitar over cattle auctions). For the sheer effort put in we got our money’s worth and a big thanks to Hank for the night.

Highlight track for me was Ghost to a Ghost, from the album of the same name (an album which is well worth purchasingif you like your country definitely alternative), and so I thought I’d share… but of course we only feature tracks that mention vampires here at TMtV and this is no exception:

Watching rot gut whiskey
Drowning all my friends
Sailing on this lonely sea
Where no one wins
Built up to be left down
Is in my family tree
See the wolves and the vampires in their misery

photo by Jez Wright

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