Thursday, June 28, 2012

Honourable Mention: The Cave

The cave was a short (5 minutes) film that I caught online and was directed by Rowan Brown. I am unsure of the date that the film was produced.

It begins with a man (Pierce Elliot Matsen) entering a cave, lighting a burning torch and then follows him through the dark maw of rock. The first thing to mention is the wonderful score by Loic Valmy that really adds an atmosphere to the piece and the fact that the lighting seems superbly done for a short indie piece.

the man with a stake
The Man, who we see wears a sword, eventually reaches an area where there is no cave roof, allowing him to stand in sunlight once more. Beyond the sunlight the cave continues and a woman (Nicole Miller), wearing a rich red dress, sits slumbering in a decorative chair. The man goes over to her and produces a stake. He stands above her but then we see that he can’t do it.

the vampire attacks
He brushes the woman’s hair tenderly and she awakens, bears fangs and attacks. He drops the stake but is able to get into the natural light. It is raining but the woman still can’t approach. He sees the stake in the dark of the cave and rushes for it. She attacks him again but he is able to stake her, causing her to scream but then – and this was a powerful piece of physical acting – her face softens and a heart-breaking look of peace crosses it.

That is it, no dialogue, short, sweet and to the point. At the time of this article there is no IMDb page.

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