Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fortean Times and Some Music

The Fortean Times 2012 special looks at our toothsome friends. As you can see the cover article looks at Vampire Killing Kits – I’ve not read it yet but a quick scan reveals it follows the sensible line of pointing out that no such kits have been authenticated as anything other than a modern phenomenon. There is an article featuring Dr Gregory L Reece “who hangs out with werewolves and vampires”, a look at 18th century vampire autopsies and a look at Dracula tourism in Romania.

Since I thought I’d mention the FT issue to you all I also thought, as I haven’t put any music on the blog for a while, that I’d post up a tune. The Boneyard Zombies are a local band offering a combination of horror punk and surf music. The lead singer, Dunc, has been a friend for many, many years. This is a track from their forthcoming CD called Vampire Love.

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