Saturday, March 31, 2012

Honourable mention: Bite me

From 2008, Jason Michael Fong (Bloodthirst 2: Revenge of the Chupacabra) who wrote, directed and starred to bring us a wry look at dating in the form of Bite Me.

Drake (Jason Michael Fong) arrives at Last-Minute Mate Speed Dating hoping to find love. The hostess, Nell (Brenda Cepeda), immediately notes that he is a vampire. When he gives his full name it is Drake Yu-Law, Nell thinks the hyphen funny but Drake explains that it is common in Chinese families, with the name made up of father’s surname and mother’s maiden name. She then realises that, with his first name, it sounds awfully like Dracula – Drake’s parent’s twisted humour.

signing up to speed dating
When he is asked how old he is, he admits he is 251, leading to a comment from Nell about him being long in the tooth! However whenever Drake tries some gentle humour she accuses him of sassing her. As it is he goes through and meets Vanessa (Natalise), another vampire – who doesn’t date vampires and looks down her nose at him, when she can be bothered looking at him at all.

Katherine Fullenlove as Sara
Next is Sara (Katherine Fullenlove) a goth with a thing for vampires. Indeed she only dates vampires and, much to his disgust, starts showing off her collection of bite marks. She really doesn’t care about his career as an accountant (inspired by Count von Count). Next he meets Preston (Owen Thomas) but when Drake protests, explaining that he is isn’t gay, Interview with the Vampire is cited as proof that actually all vampires are gay. Will Drake actually find love?

Jason Michael Fong as Drake
This was a really cute little film that explored dating issues using the medium of vampirism… yet again the figure of the vampire proving itself to be very versatile. The genre reference through are fun, though perhaps it petered out at the end (saying that I couldn’t see any other way the film could have ended being any more satisfying).

The imdb page is here.

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