Monday, September 05, 2011

Honourable Mention: Minty the Assassin

Minty the Assassin is a 2009 film by Eugene Baldovino and, despite the film being the son of a tight budget, Baldovino has created a movie that seeks to examine the murky depths of fandom. It does that in a comic book style, with a knowing tongue wedged deep into its cheek.

The film starts with Minty the Assassin (Elina Madison) facing off against a zombie. Suddenly involved is the vampire character Double Delicious (Tabitha Taylor). You might wonder, therefore, why this is an Honourable Mention, rather than a review. It is because, in honesty, I felt the screen time of Double Delicious was low enough to make the vampiric aspects a fleeting visitation in a film that, more, looks to explore the comic book genre generally.

Minty at her dinner date
What is unusual, in terms of vampires and zombies, is the fact that Double Delicious bites the zombie to feed. We also get the glimpse of a bearded face dictating the girls' dialogue. Not long after this scene we see the two girls at lunch. There is a definitive sexual aspect to their relationship, and as a chocolate dessert is suggestively eaten (and a whole lot of footsie is played) we do not know, at this point, that Minty metabolises chocolate differently and it causes her to have great strength but also heightened sexuality.

Minty and Big Boss
Double Delicious recieves a call from her boss, Doctor Brain Bender (Chip Joslin), and has to leave. Minty's guru – Big Boss (Ray Parker) – goes to see Brain Bender as the Doctor believes he can help Big Boss to feel again (having lost his sense of touch). Ultimately Big Boss is kidnapped by Brain Bender and Minty must fight through a variety of enemies to try and rescue her sensei. It should be mentioned that we get a brief vampire moment when we intrude on Minty watching vampire orientated hentai.

offering her neck
Eventually, beyond the world of animation, she faces Double Delicious again. This, following the admission: “You are a lesbian vampire… and that is as hot as Hell”, leads to some softcore lesbian sex including some neck biting. This is not without story significance – but I can't reveal why without throwing in a major spoiler. Baldovino, however, has created an insightful film that tries to overcome its indie low budget roots with a knowing air that celebrates the fanboy rather than mourn or ridicule him.

The IMDB page is here.

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