Thursday, August 18, 2011

Honourable Mention: Thirst

A 2006 film directed by Roxanne Turpen, Thirst is short but not sweet. It takes the idea of the addiction to blood felt by vampires and makes a gritty little character piece with some intriguing elements.

It begins with two guys sitting out at night. They are approached by a man and woman, Dylan (Ian Ellis) and Leah (Jasna Novosel). Dylan is clearly ill/withdrawing and he asks the guys whether they are holding. It is readily apparent that he is speaking of blood and not narcotics. Dylan, it transpires, is the last vampire in town, the others have left, and as no-one is buying then no-one is selling. This was the intriguing bit; I’d have liked to have known more about this society where the dealers clearly know about vampires. Why have the vampires left? We aren’t told but this isn’t frustrating, rather it is a nice layer to the story.

Ian Ellis as Dylan
Dylan won’t bite anyone but when the dealer becomes verbally abusive towards Leah he becomes angry. The dealer holds him off with a cross. Having failed to score Leah takes him to the hospital. She leaves him in a corridor as she sneaks into a room. A nurse (Jaqueline Martini) happens across him and is taking him off in a wheelchair when Leah reappears with the blood pack. The nurse challenges her and she sprays blood in the woman’s face. The nurse calls for security as they run.

Once well away she feeds the very little blood left to Dylan but it isn’t enough. Leah offers herself but he refuses. She picks up a pipe and attacks a passer-by, offering the victim to Dylan, who can take the thirst no longer and bites him. A cop comes across them and the reinvigorated vampire beats the cop before the two run off into the woods. But disaster awaits…

This was a nice, very short film. It was the grittiness that made it and, whilst not perfect, it is worth catching.

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