Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Honourable Mentions Love Bites! & Sun Burns

These two shorts were both directed by William Gardner and were released in 2006. They are nice little comedic shorts running in at a length of 5 and 3 minutes – hence the honourable mentions.

no reflection
The first, Love Bites, begins with a bed – just before Dawn – and shapes below the covers. A man, Jay (Jason Gordon) and an unnamed woman are getting it on. He complains about the use of teeth. Just after dusk he awakens, alone. He goes to the bathroom and discovers that he has no reflection and so runs to his friend’s house. He shows Mack (Alan Frank) his lack of reflection – leading to a no reflection sequence.

Garlic reaction
Mack quickly ascertains that Jay is now a vampire and discovers that crosses and garlic are effective apotropaic items and he can’t be photographed. Mack suggests that he has two problems, staying out of the sun and controlling his thirst for blood. The next day Mack buys blood packs for Jay but they are expensive and, of course, as Jay can’t go out during the day he’ll lose his job. There is, however, a solution…

showing fangs
Shoplifting. With his inability to reflect and his lack of appearance on security cameras Jay can steal items and flog them on e-bay. He tries this out in a convenience store but a young kid (Alex Gardner) wanders up, looking at sweets. He tries to scare the kid off by producing fangs and flashing red eyes but the kid does the same – he’s a vampire too! After that the theft goes off without a hitch but the radio is soon talking of a ring of shoplifters plaguing the area.

The imdb page for Love Bites! is here.

Sun Burns is the sequel and begins with a teacher (Allison MacDonald) putting sun screen on kids as they go out to play. The last out is the kid vampire from the first short and she puts a balaclava and shades on him, before he runs out to enjoy recess. Cutting to Mack and Jay, Mack is going to play baseball and, of course, Jay can’t go.

sun protection
He’s reading the newspaper when he sees an advert that is extremely suggestive of vampires. He decides to give the number a ring. A salesman (Gubbi Sigurdsson) arrives. Before he’ll let the man in Jay demands to see… The salesman flashes fangs and is let in. He explains his product, a sunscreen that completely blocks the rays of the sun. The catch – its $100 dollar price tag. Jay buys a bottle and applies.

He goes outside, and sees the salesman still in his car. Suddenly the sun gets to him and he quickly crumbles to nothing. The salesman takes out the false fangs, ticks Jay’s name off a list and, on the passenger seat, we see the book “Creative Vampire Slaying”. Thus we get to the end of Jay.

These were both great fun little shorts and worthy of attention. The tongue is firmly wedged in cheek and the only shame is there is no more Jay for further adventures.

The imdb for Sun Burns: A Sequel to Love Bites page is here.


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