Thursday, January 27, 2011

Web Serials

Lara De-Leuw as Victoria in Blood and Bone China
 My last three posts have looked at some of the current crop of web serials. There are a couple more en route worth mentioning due to their potential.

I have already mentioned Blood and Bone China but Chris Stone's Victorian, Stoke based serial is looking like it will be a class piece of work if the stills are anything to go by. The synopsis suggests "It is 1897 and a city is in turmoil. In the smoky, dirty depths of middle England, the people are terrified. The once bustling streets of Stoke are empty, the silence is only broken by the whispers of devils, demons and vampires. Poor souls are being taken, vanishing without a trace.

When the local doctor is snatched away, word travels to his brother, a young vet by the name of Newlyn Howell. Spurred on to discover the truth by the enigmatic Alexander Pyre, Newlyn's dark adventure into the depths of Victorian Stoke begins… and what he discovers is beyond belief."

I also want to mention End of the Line. Described as “Vampire girl with a young soul and a young man with a very old one try to solve the murder of his father.” This has been co-penned by personal friend and friend of the blog D. MacDowell Blue (AKA Zahir).

Knowing Zahir's taste in vampires this should be a gothically charged epic, despite the modern world setting, with a darkly romantic heart. Zahir has also been working on an annotated edition of Carmilla, more news on that at a later date.

Next, not all web serials are films. Caballo Blue is an online prose serial, “A Vampire’s curse… Endless night, a midnight sea… horses glide like Poseidon’s mount… through a world of darkness, of spirits… …of dreams.”

The verse is marvellously evocative but, I have to admit, that I have not yet read the prose. This came to my attention just recently and I am backlogged, so my apologies to Michael Smith.

The Captain
Finally I also want to mention something not vampire at all – an online graphic serial that was brought to my attention by Zombie Astronaut

Romantically Apocalyptic is the best graphic novel I have read for a long time, fantastic art, great off-the wall humour and absolute insanity… and it is free. I would gladly part money for trade paperbacks of this one. Not a vampire in sight but, hey, its nice to go off topic once in a while.

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