Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Honourable Mentions: Dark House

This was a 2009 film that relied probably a little too much on cgi (especially in respect of blood) but, as the horror was supposed to be computer generated I suppose it can be forgiven.

It starts with toys, children singing and blood… Not as creepy as it should have been to be honest. Director Darin Scott should have binned the plastic dolls and got porcelain ones – then it would have been creepy. Anyway, it is 14 years ago and some neighbourhood girls go to the Derrode House – a foster home. One of the girls goes in and finds bodies of children dead and bleeding.

In the kitchen is Mrs Derrode, killing herself by pushing her own hands into the waste disposal. The girl looks into a larder keyhole sees something and scurries backwards; knocking herself out when she slips in blood.

Meghan Ory as Claire
Meet Clare (Meghan Ory, vampire high). She has night terrors stemming from the Derrode house and her repressed memories of the massacre. Her psychiatrist is aware that she is off her meds – they zombify her and she wants to be an actress. He has suggested she goes to the Derrode House and face her fears – she has tried but never got through the gate.

Jeffrey Combs as Walston
Her acting class is visited by Walston (Jeffrey Combs), a horror entrepreneur who has bought the Derrode House and turned it into a haunted house attraction. He needs actors for the press night – they’ll get $300 each and contracts if they do well. Clare talks them into going so that she can face her fears. The house itself is fitted with hologram systems that can project realistic horror characters.

vampires.. for a few seconds
It is here we get our vampires. On the tour there is a room with empty looking cells and a do not cross line. Cross it and four vampires come screeching at you. That’s it folks – about 5 to 10 seconds of vampires appearing. Clearly you know the holograms will come to life but our vampires play no more of a part in the film. The most fleeting of fleeting visitations – it has to be said – but a visitation nonetheless.

The imdb page is here.

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