Sunday, May 02, 2010

Bits and Bobs

Issue 7 of Ethereal Tales is out and contains the second part of my story Butterfly on a Wheel (which started in issue 6 and concludes in issue 8).

What came as a surprise, albeit a very nice one, was the illustration that comes with my tale – entitled Priest and superbly drawn by Mark Pexton – though if you want to see it you’ll have to purchase the zine. Details at the Ethereal Tales homepage.

I have posted less news about upcoming and proposed films recently as such a good job of disseminating such info is done over at Vampire News. This one, however, I have to share and thanks to the Black Count for giving me the heads up on this. It was inevitable, I guess, given the number of his other films that seem to have been remade (to a varying degree of success). However Bloody Disgusting have news that George Romero’s Martin is to be remade. I am torn, on the one hand the film is fantastic (despite some flaws) as stands but a remake might work well…

I also want to mention this film, Vampire in the hole is a new Spanish film (filmed round Madrid and Alicante). From what I can gather it depicts a dystopian future, where vampires are 'out' and controlled by the government. They are forced to go to school, work certain jobs and only feed in pens on society dregs (rapists, paedos etc).

The film concept is intriguing and the poster superb but I am struggling finding any more info. If anyone knows any more, or happens to know if the film has a homepage, leave me a comment or email me with the details.

The only other detail I have found is a fake TV spot for the film:

Finally, I also want to mention that Arlene Russo has her book the Real Twilight available on Amazon. I haven’t read it as of yet, but given that Arlene was the founder of Bite Me magazine it may be interesting. To quote the blurb:

With the release of the TWILIGHT novels and the subsequent films vampire mania has swept the country. Yet they are fiction. What about the real thing? ARLENE RUSSO, the UK’s foremost vampire expert and founder of Bite Me magazine, has interviewed dozens of real-life creatures of the night for this book about the modern day vampire.

Alongside these interviews Arlene has talked to some of the world’s great Dracula scholars about the history of the vampire (for example the legend of Robin Hood may be based on a vampire)

Working from the premise that vampires do exist, she looks at the nature of their appeal concluding that because the vampire embodies feelings of romance, mystery and power in a cold and computerised world we are drawn to them. Also as our culture become ever more technological so the vampire’s appeal can only grow. Equally intriguing in a society obsessed with looks and beauty the vampire doesn’t age but remains frozen at it most youthful. Finally we are drawn to the idea of living forever which would allow us to do all those things we ever wanted but didn’t have time for whether it be travel the world or learn several languages.

Arlene dispels myths including the one that vampires are heartless predators. In fact “true vampires do not need to kill at all and instead cultivate a relationship with their donor, thus ensuring a regular supply of blood”. Nor are they afraid of the sun or garlic. And they don’t bite their victims …

Combining anecdotes, personal experiences and research THE REAL TWILIGHT is an exhaustive study of true vampires and every aspect of their culture.


The Black Count said...

It's been about 20 years since I last watched MARTIN, but I'd be interested in a remake. I should endeavour to watch it again beforehand, though I will find it surprising if the film-maker's don't "update" it and give him powers to increase ticket sales, unless it's a straight-to-dvd affair. Just having a blood-fiend run around might not be interesting enough to today's jaded cinema folk.

That Vampire In The Hole looks interesting, and I clicked on the poster and still can't figure out what is in the vampire's mouth? Is it a lens of a camera? When I first saw it I thought it was a stake similar to the 'vampire' skeleton that was found in Prague recently.

Lastly, that Real Twilight book looks interesting. But I think people tend to follow trends in the vampire culture. In my day Ricean Vampires (Coppola's Drac came out around then too) were vogue so we all dressed in Renaissance/Victorian clothing and carried the Pathos/attitudes of Lestat and his mob, or the cruelty, decadence and aethestic of Dracula or Armand.

After that was the Underworld mob so it was the leather and latex look, and I fear now besides the Emos, vampire lifestylers might be wearing coats and jeans from JAG and no longer hanging out near cemeteries and crumbling abbeys (for shame!) but at the local mall doing their best to sparkle...

Taliesin_ttlg said...

BC - if they give Martin powers the entire point is lost, so lets hope not...

re Vampire in the Hole, I thought it was a tin can, perhaps indicating ghettoisation but I'm only guessing... if any one has any other thoughts then I'd be glad to hear them.

and for shame, real vampires do not sparkle... lol

The Black Count said...

Hey Andy,

Just awarded you an award over at my blog, enjoy!

Anonymous said...

indeed you are right about people following trends in vampire culture. Indeed I pity the poor young fans of Twilight who were not as privileged as us to have seen the flamboyant Ricean era!

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Trends certainly can affect the look of the scene(s) but what concerns me is the fact that we would look at all eras of vampire genre lore (whether lifestylers or simply genre fans), whereas some Twilight fans believe that Meyers invented the vampire (and the werewolf for that matter).