Saturday, April 24, 2010

Welcoming the Next Generation

I was contacted by Nicole about a blog article she had written entitled Before Twilight: 14 Greatest Vampire Stories of All Time and she wondered whether I would mention it. I am more than glad to.

This piece underlines why I don’t believe that Twilight is the force of sparkly evil that many folks rile against. It is a starting location that will hopefully lead people to discover the riches of the vampire genre - perhaps people who may not have known that they have an underlying need for our toothsome friends otherwise.

Nicole’s list has some interesting choices. I will mention that whilst the recognisable form of the vampire story was created in the late 19th Century, invented one might say by Bram Stoker with Dracula, the genre really commenced in the early 19th Century, in English at least.

I will say that Nicole has hit the nail on the head re the film I am Legend when she says (about Neville) “his quest for a cure leads to him finding his soul” Unfortunately, this to me is where the film went badly wrong, losing the secular point of the novel (not to mention the fact that it was so out with the actual story of the novel) and to me the benchmark version is still the Last Man on Earth.

But, hey, it is all opinion and Nicole has written an interesting and insightful blog, if occasionally very inaccurate, "Based on a play by Hamilton Deane and John Balderston, it was then turned into a novel by Bram Stoker" - no, honestly, no. Nevermind, get on over there and have a read and let the irony of it being on a phlebotomy website wash over you.

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