Thursday, April 08, 2010

A couple of reviews

I recently found out that fellow authors Nicole Hadaway and James Garcia Jr have both put reviews of my novel on Lulu… why have I only just discovered? Because for some reason I can’t see the reviews – possibly a country of viewing thing – anyway, they were both so kind to me that I asked them if I could reproduce the reviews here.

Nicole said:

”Amazing story, much different than standard, formulaic vampire novels out there today. We have a female protagonist, one who is independent, yet flawed -- a very well-rounded character. The fact that she prefers females sets it apart from other novels wherein the protagonist has been a victim of a male -- Danaan has been a victim of her own impetuousness and pride. Couple that with a villian you don't see coming, and it's a wild tale through the ages, from New York City during the turn of the millennium, all the way back to ancient Rome and the eruption of Vesuvius, with stops in Middle-Aged England and Turkey along the way.

“The characters are believable and well-rounded, and the prose is very well-written. A great read; cannot wait for its sequel!”

And James said:

"I was completely impressed with Mr. Boylan's novel. It was the first novel that I read on my Kindle, and I took it everywhere I went until I had swallowed the story whole. One would think that after 500 pages, I would like a break; however, nothing could be further from the truth: I want more!

“Once I became accustomed to the setup of the characters and their societal structure, and it does take a little while, he had me. I found myself rooting for despicable characters, believing every historical event that I was transported to, and savoring every re-telling of history through the eyes of vampires.

“Another thing that I would like to offer my congratulations for is the quality of the prose. This gentlemen has an amazing way with the English language. There were a couple of places where I actually stopped reading and went back to allow what I had just read to swirl about my senses as if I had just taken a sip of wine.

“Well done. When do we get more?"

I am truly touched and the second part will come, eventually, I promise. If you wish to read another view of my book then also visit the Black Count, who reviewed the book here.

If you want to experience Concilium Sanguinarius for yourself then you can get a paper or e-version from lulu, or the paper version from Amazon (US or UK). Links for all of these sources can be found to the right.


The Black Count said...

It's was a well weaved tale of Horror Andy, and I for one look forward to reading (and reviewing) its sequel!

I believe it deserves the good reviews it's got for you have talent my friend.

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Everlost said...

Well deserved mister, you have written a masterpiece!

Taliesin_ttlg said...

blushes again