Thursday, October 29, 2009

Honourable Mention: Stan Helsing


Stan Helsing is a parody film, much in the Scary Movie mode, in which perennial avoider of responsibility Stan Helsing (Steve Howey), his friend Teddy (Kenan Thompson), his ex-girlfriend Nadine (Diora Baird) an Teddy’s date Mia (Desi Lydic) try to get to a Halloween party.

Their first problem is that Stan has to drop some DVDs off (or lose his job at schlock-busters) and the customer lives in the opposite direction of the party. The second problem is that a variety of modern movie monsters are hunting Stan down as they believe him to be Van Helsing. The monsters have taken over the community of Stormy Heights (where Stan has to deliver the DVDs) and prophecy suggests that Van Helsing will save the community from the monsters.

brides of draculaThere is little in the way of vampiric action. Indeed what we get are three brides of Dracula who pose in a shop window, do some lap dancing (and later some phone sex) and are disappointed when Stan admits he is Stan and not Van. No real vampiric action, just some fangs on display, this only just crawls into honourable mention status.

monsterous enemiesAs for the rest of the film it is mildly amusing, poking fun at the horror genre generally and falling back on innuendo to fill in the humour gaps. The best gag, the punchline of which I won’t spoil, is about being ambidextrous. It is the sort of film that a group of friends watching together, preferably with some alcohol, are going to get more out of than if you watch it alone. I should also mention that Leslie Nielson cameos, in drag.

The imdb page is here.

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