Sunday, August 02, 2009

Vampire Con fast approaching

A reminder to readers of the blog across the pond that the Hollywood Vampire-Con is fast approaching, indeed it is on the 14-16th of August 09.

The three days are packed with various events including Vampirella’s Ball on the Sunday evening, which will follow three panel events during the day: ‘why we love vampires: a brief history of the undead’, ‘hot blooded: vampires and sexuality’ and ‘inked in blood: 40 years of vampirella’.

There are also movies showing over the weekend:

On Friday you can see Count Yorga, Vampire and the Lost Boys, as well as a sneak peek of new movie Midnight Son.

On Saturday there is the Velvet Vampire and the Hunger.

It’ll be a packed weekend, of that there is no doubt. For further info visit the Convention’s homepage.


Zahir al Daoud said...

I'll let you know what it is like, seeing as I live here and all.

Zahir al Daoud said...
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Taliesin_ttlg said...

sounds like it'll be fun - have a great time