Friday, August 21, 2009

Lost Boys – Reign of Frogs – review

Writer: Hans Rodinoff
Penciler: Joel Gomez
Inker: Don Ho

First published: 2008

Contains spoilers

The blurb: 1987, Santa Carla, California. The Frog brothers (with, yes, a little help from the Emerson boys) killed the master vampire, thereby saving their town untold horrors. Or… did they?

In 1990, the Frogs return from a slaying excursion in Washington DC to find their old nemesis, David, has attacked the family comic shop. But they killed him – how is this possible?

The Review: This graphic novel was intended to bridge the gap between the Lost Boys and Lost Boys: the Tribe but I guess all it really amounted to was a Frog tall tale and something that further served to mess up the original story.

I say tall tale as Edgar Frog is trying to talk a young lad out of being a vampire hunter by telling him what happened to himself in the past. All well and good but the tales are obviously embellished – he admits as much at the end.

However, what seems to be true, is that David did return and… Grandpa was a half vampire (like Michael in the first film) and was so through the entire first film! He wasn’t cured when Max was killed because… the widow Johnson is another head vampire, a dominatrix vampire at that! He indulged in taxidermy because – he drank the blood of the critters first! His ‘don’t touch’ shelf of food is out of date as he doesn’t eat (forgetting we at least saw him drink from that shelf in film number 1 and vampires can eat, generally, in the Lost Boys franchise). Alan is turned raiding the widow Johnson’s (though Edgar describes a daring night time raid and admits they went in when the sun was shinning and the vamps were sleeping).

I said it bridged the two movies and it does and doesn’t. The young lad ends up joining the “Frog army” and yet he isn’t in the second film. There is an unconnected coda that shows the attack on the beach party from the first film and indicates that Shane, from the second film, was one of the partiers, bitten by David and left to die he turned (his first feed being on a shark).

I wasn’t impressed with this. There was a lot they could have done without throwing in the curves around Grandpa and the widow Johnson – that was just unnecessary noodling with the story. The artwork was okay and the story paced nicely but, all told, this wasn’t really too worthwhile. 3.5 out of 10.

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