Saturday, May 03, 2008

Honourable Mentions – Hell & Eden

Hell & Eden represents poetess and self-styled vampire queen Rosie Lugosi’s first collection of poetry and was printed in 1997. Many thanks to Leila, from whom this was a gift.

Unlike the collection of Rosie’s work that I previously looked at, creatures of the night, there is little of Rosie’s trade mark wicked humour in this volume. This is a volume of more serious poetry, many of the poems taking the theme of fairy tales and using that to explore levels of sexuality and psyche.

Within the volume is the poem “Vampire” and I offer you a short quote from within:

“I slept tiny and curled, quiet in the folds of your skirt
as above me
you ripped out the throats of those who’d harm me’”

Rosie weaves a dark dream around us, through the volume, and it is a nice counter-balance to the later collection.

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