Sunday, February 10, 2008

Underworld 3 – Rise of the Lycans – news

Bloody Disgusting have just reported on the latest cast news for the third film in the Underworld series. As many will know it is a prequel and, so, no Kate Beckinsale – but, as much as many online moan about this, the third film was always designed to be a prequel and was never meant to have Beckinsale in it.

Cast so far (assuming, sensibly, that roles are reprised) are Bill Nighy as Viktor, the welcome return of Michael Sheen as Lucian, Rhona Mitra joins the series (character unknown), Kevin Grevioux is there and we assume reprises Raze, Steven Mackintosh played Tanis and presumably will so again. Unfortunately Shane Brolly is back as Kraven.

Now I found Brolly’s performance in Underworld reprehensibly awful and I am not the only one judging by online criticism and the barely contained cheer in the cinema when his character died at the head of Underworld Evolution. Of course, you couldn’t really prequel without the character and it seems that an effort has been made to maintain the actors. Benefit of the doubt time brings the hope that he has read some of the criticism and will sharpen up his act.

More news as I spot it.


Derek said...

Bill Nighy cancels out Shane Brolly.

Taliesin_ttlg said...

True, as does Michael Sheen, who was fantastic in the first film. As I say, however, I hope Brolly has taken note of the criticism and pulls a worthy performance out of the bag

Not that Type of Raven said...

Now granted I'm am a Kraven fangirl, if Wiseman hadn't messed up the original storyline for UW, Kraven's character would have been completely different. But as usual Wiseman is an ass so thankfully he's not writting the prequel. AND THANK GOD!!! Becksale is NOT in this movie, Miss Kiss of death. So I'm thrill Kraven will be back and I'm still cursing wiseman for killing off Kraven. He could have become Markus' little yes boy, so much potential than the old boring line of killing him off along with the rest of the cast.

Hello btw!

Not that Type of Raven said...

Rhona Mitra is going to play Sonja, Viktor's daughter, you know Lucian's lover.

I meant to say I love that Michael Sheen is coming back! YESSS!

I'll stop spamming you now. TA!

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Hi NTTo Raven, each to their own, I guess, when it comes to Kraven. I wasn't aware of the changes Wiseman made, so all I saw was what appeared on screen.

Personally I am somewhat ambivalent towards the lack of Kate - thought she looked very nice in the first two films, perfectly understand why she's not in this.

Thanks for the Rhona Mitri heads up.

Welcome to the blog and, honestly, offering your opinion and then offering some useful info isn't spamming in my book - it's what the comment section is there for.