Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Game: Vampire Quest

Touted as an online rpg, vampire quest is more accurately described as a strategy game. Corroding Halo put me on to it and, to be honest, whilst I am giving it a go, games that are very stat based, such as this, aren't my favourite type of game. You never know, however, I might get addicted and if they are your sort of thing why not give it a go.

The link to the game, below, is a referral link - I get additional turns if people sign up via it - or some such thing. Normally I'd class such links as spam (before someone throws their link in a comment) but as it is my blog, tough!

Catch the game here.


Avi said...

Yo. Thanks for the blog. I use to own Vampire Quest but gave it to a friend of mine, Metzy (current owner.. i linked her to this blog so she should be poping in soon to say Hi!). I am just a lil vamp freak and really like your site. Toodles!

~ Avi

Taliesin_ttlg said...

cheers Avi

I did enjoy VQ, for a while at least, but then my play of it slipped I'm afraid.

That said, I'd still encourage those who like the stat based sort of game to play it

Bane said...

I am Metz Avi linked me thanx for the blog, and i'm sorry to hear you have slipped there are lots of changes to the game and how its played in the works i'd like to see you come back for a round and try it again

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Hi bane

Happy to have a look-see