Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Honourable Mentions – Vampire TERRORtory

This is an interactive DVD game based, primarily, on the Hammer vampire movies and hosted by Ingrid Pitt – who hams it up for all she is worth.

The game can be played by 1 or 2 players/teams and – if solo – relies on some player honesty. The aim is to collect 3 out of 4 items and make it to the castle – at which point you can take on Dracula himself.

The first game is set in the village and is fairly straight forward for Hammer vampire film buffs. A scene from one of the Hammer films is shown and then you must answer two multiple choice questions correctly in order to receive a bulb of garlic. A knowledge of the vampire films should see you through this level – though the questions are not all directly aimed at the actual films and may include other work an actor or director in the particular film has done.

The next game is in the chapel and you are playing for a crucifix. This relies on honesty as a clip is shown in a ‘what happens next’ scenario. You are then shown what happens next and asked to input whether you were right or not. Of course if playing with more than one person there is a control method on honesty.

Next it is on to the border pass and at this point things do get a little tricky. You have to answer two out of three multiple choice questions correctly. However they are about the full range of Hammer films and some can be very obscure indeed. Answer the two out of three to move on.

We are then at the Klausenburg Inn. Three stills will be shown from one of the movies (or in one case movie posters from the vampire films) and you have to place them in order. Whilst it sounds easy some of the stills can be fairly obscure. Answer correctly twice and get a hammer.

Move on to the graveyard and enter another honesty scenario. Against a clock an obscure image will be shown in parts, guess the actor or character. The game then asks you if you were correct, if so get some hawthorn. With 3 out of 4 items collected you can move on to Castle Dracula. Here you get three attempts to fire a stake into the Count’s heart – hit and win.

The game boasts 90 clips, 170 images and 550 questions so there is plenty of replay value and is great fun for fans of the studio’s work – especially fans of the vampire movies. It also boasts extras in the form of three trailers for Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter, Countess Dracula and Vampire Circus. One for the vampire/hammer fan who has everything.

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