Saturday, December 01, 2007

Lestat to return?

According to Cinema Blend there are unconfirmed rumors that United Artists are trying to get the rights to Anne Rice’s Tales of the Body Thief. If true this might see the return of Tom Cruise as Lestat, given that United Artists exist to produce Cruise related projects.

Whether this is a good thing, only time will tell. To me the strongest element within Interview with the Vampire was Neil Jordan’s direction – though that is not to lose sight of the fact that it was one of Cruise’s best performances.

I was a bit lost within the article when I read “I’d love to see him back as the tortured vampire Lestat.” Lestat was not tortured (not at the entries of the vampire chronicles we have seen filmed so far, at least), that role was left to Louis.

More news, if any, when it appears.


Derek said...

While Cruise really rose to the occasion, I think he is too old to play Lestat. I would go with an entirely new cast. My two cents' opinion: Heath Ledger or Jonathan Rhys-Meyers as Lestat.

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Derek, good to hear from you.

As I typed the post up I was thinking of the time lapse between Interview and now and wondering how that would fit with an eternally young vampire - but, if the rumour prooves true, United Artists are a Cruise related production company.

That said your thought re Heath Ledger is an excellent idea.

Derek said...

Best case scenario for Cruise's involvement would be a production credit.

Ledger is my first choice for Lestat, I've seen photos of the guy where he looked pretty dead-on. And with him doing "Brokeback Mountain," he wouldn't shy away from the kinda-sorta homoerotic content of the books.

LordRuthven said...
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LordRuthven said...
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LordRuthven said...

Hey, off topic...

I was wanting to start a Blog site myself, but I was wondering if there was a way to link to other users? I looked all over the Blogger site, maybe I am dense but I could not locate a way to. That is why I use LJ and MySpace but not Blogger.

- Derek

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Do you mean links like the external links I've put to the side of this blog?

If so, you have to do them by hand but they are fairly easy. If you set up a blog with the new version of blogger then you go into the blog template and tell it to add a new module to the side. There is one specifically for links. You put in the name you want the link to be in one field and the url in another - add link. Save the module and it appears on the blog page.

If you mean putting a link into the body of text then its a case of adding a little bit of html tagging in the post. I'd give an example but it would turn into a link in the comment (not much use) so send me a mail at the taliesinloki address in the contacts box and I'll mail you the code over.

All the best with it. T_ttlg

Derek "Ruthven" Tatum said...

Thanks, I've been busy updating it. If you want to check it out, the URL is

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Cheers Derek

Had a quick scan over, but will have a proper look after work. However, I will say that I read some of the reviews you posted over at the MySpace blog yesterday. Glad you liked Let the Right One In - I agree it has one of the most disturbing characters ever!

Have linked back as well.

Derek said...

Thanks - the reviews up are the same as on my MySpace blog, I just decided to try to put together a blog just for the reviews, and not so much personal junk that may arise. I might change the name to something shorter, still getting it all together. Thanks for the help!