Friday, October 19, 2007

Blade: House of Chthon – review

This will be a short review, not of the film – as this is the pilot of the series, and that has already been reviewed here - but of the actual DVD release itself.

This takes the pilot and releases it as an 88 minute DVD with, allegedly, extra footage too graphic for TV. In truth, having watched it I can’t see where – with the exception of some silicon inflated boobs, for all of 2 seconds, that I can’t remember from the TV release and I might just have missed them first time round. The plot is very much for a pilot and thus has several loose ends, with no real ending itself, making this clunky as a stand alone - it needs to be watched in the context of a whole.

Worst still, the series is to be released on DVD, with the pilot as part of that set (though whether it will be the unrated version or the TV version I don’t know), so with pretty much no changes it makes this DVD pointless.

The score for the series remains the same; the score for this DVD has to come in at 0 out of 10 as there is no point to it. A DVD only really useful for completist collectors. Save your money and buy the series instead.

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Taliesin_ttlg said...

As a post-script, it is the House of Chthon version in the series DVD set - as I said in the review, why bother buying the stand alone when it is part of the bigger set.