Saturday, May 26, 2007

New (ish) to DVD

New vampire film, the Insatiable, comes to DVD in the US on 18th September. The plot summary on imdb says: “Harry Balbo (Flanery), a fearful salesman of pieces for pipes, runs into a violent crime in a alley. He thinks he has seen an assassin that cuts off heads, in fact he's dealing with a vampire woman (Ayanna) who is able to decapitate a man and disappear. Nobody believes him, neither the police. Harry, obsessed by the woman, soon contacts a neighbor named Strickland (Biehn), which is a vampire-hunter, because he wants to find her. They begin to track the zone where she hunts to locate her refuge...”

Also to DVD, though not for the first time, is the BBC production Count Dracula, released in the UK 3rd September.

An excellent production that stars Louis Jourdan as the Count this has been on DVD before. The BBC did release it and then withdrew the DVD after three months. The cover shown is the original release cover.

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